2015- USA

Brattleboro Museum – Vermont, March 14th to June 21st 2015

2014: England

London, Coningsby Gallery, December

2014: England

Gloucester, Nature in Art museum, November/ December.

2015 USA

Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Nov. 22, 2014 - Jan. 18, 2015, Louisville, Kentucky.

2014 USA

Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida, April 26 - June 29, 2014, Ocala, Florida

2014 USA

Roper Art Gallery, Frostburg State University, March 7 - 30, 2014, Frostburg, Maryland

2013 Canada

Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec, October 17 - December 15, 2013, Montreal, Quebec

2013 Canada

Gallery Montcalm of Ville de Gatineau, August 29 - October 6, 2013, Gatineau, Quebec

2013 USA

Hilliard Art Museum University of Louisiana, June 1 - August 4, 2013, Lafayette, LA

2013 USA

The New Art of the Loom, Curated by Dirk Holger.

2013 USA

Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, Kentucky, April 6- May 4, 2013

2013 USA

Fantastic Fibers 2013

2012: England

London, Coningsby Gallery, November to December.

2010: England

London 3, BEDFORDBURY Gallery, November to December.

2009: England

Gloucester, Nature in Art museum, July to September.

2008: England

London, November/ December at Gallery 47

2007: England

London, November/ December at Gallery 47

2006: England

London, Brunei gallery, SOAS. University of London.January to March

2004: Germany

Frankfurt book fair.

2003: Dubai

UAE- Green Art gallery, February

2001: Switzerland

Geneva- Conservatoire ET Jardin Botanique.

2000: Switzerland

Geneva- United Nations, human rights organization.

1999: Tunisia

Tones- Egyptian Culture week.

1999: England

London, Gallery 47

1997: England

London, Gallery 47

1995: Lebanon- Beirut

Lebanese/ Egyptian businessmen association.

1995: Norway

Ha- Culture centre.

1993: France

Paris-Institute Du Monde Arabe, Images Tissee L’Egypte.

1991: France

Angers- Muses Jean Lurçat. L’Egypte Tissee.

1990: Belgium

Tournai-First tapestry Triennial.

1985-1986 UK

UK. Egyptian Landscapes, Touring exhibition
London- the Barbican centre
Newcastle- Polytechnic gallery
City of Edinburgh art centre
Aberdeen Art Space gallery.
Swansea, Wales- Glynn Vivian art gallery.

1981 USA Italy

USA- Los Angeles- University of Southern California.
Italy- Rome- Egyptian art Academy.

1979 Germany USA Sweden

Germany- Hildesheim- Roemer Pelizaeus museum.
USA- San Francisco- Anneberg Gallery.
Sweden- Stockholm- Modern Art museum.

1978: France- Paris

Gallery La Demeure.

1978: Germany

Touring exhibition, Berlin, Essen, Stuttgart.

1977: Egypt - Cairo

Italian Culture Centre.

1975: France- Paris

Gallery La Demeure.

1975-1976 USA

Touring exhibition
New York Natural History Museum
Washington, Textile museum sponsored by The Smithsonian Institute and EXXON Corporation.

1974: Italy- Milan

Al Palazzo Dellarejario.

1973: France- Paris

Gallery La Demeure.

1972: England- London

Ideal Home Exhibition.

1971: Norway- Oslo

Gallery Brand Strupp.

1969: England- London

Royal College of arts.

1967: Sweden- Stockholm

Modern art museum.

1967: Switzerland- Lausanne

Musée D’Arts Decorative.

1966: Czechoslovakia- Prague

Congress Mondial

1966: Sweden- Stockholm

Lunds- Modern art museum, Skovde Konsthall Skovde.

1965: France- Paris

Musée D’ Arts Decorative, Rosenthal Studio-Haus-Delvaux.

1964: Germany- Munich

Neue Sammlung Munchen.

1964: Holland

Stedelijk museum, Groninger museum Voor Stad en lande.

1963: Germany- Munich

Museum Am ost Wall Dortmund.

1962: Holland- Amsterdam

Fodor Museum.

1961: Sweden- Stockholm

Gothenburg, Malmo- National museum of modern arts.

1961: Germany

Kunstindustri musset.

1960: Sweden- Stockholm

Modern Art museum.

1959: Germany

Krefeld- Bilddteppiche.

1958: Switzerland- Zurich

Basel.Gewerbe museum

1956: USA. New York

The Near East College Association.

1954: Italy

Egyptian Art Exhibition.

1954: Egypt - Cairo

Alexandria and Ismailia- Organized by the group Amities Francoise


2015 The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The newly opened Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel Cairo acquired a collection of 6 wool tapestries displayed in the main reception area.


Tokara winery head office - South Africa
Intercontinental Hotel Cairo. 7 tapestries
Dar El Handasa Architectural firm
Cairo & Beirut offices. 3 tapestries


The Egyptian presidential banquet hall.


Meridian Hotel Cairo

1993 - 98

USA Cairo embassy. 5 tapestries


Intercontinental Hotel Cairo. 6 tapestries


Sheraton Hotel Cairo


KPMG. South Africa head quarters


Cairo new Opera house. 2 tapestries


Ann Arbor University Michigan USA


The United Nations building Geneva


American University Cairo. 6 tapestries


Al Ahram news paper


2012- UK

2012- UK. London V&A Museum- “Holly Hocks”

2009- UK

2009- UK. Gloucester- Nature in Art Museum.

2009- UK

2009- UK. Exeter- Royal Albert Museum- “Fields & Village on the Nile”.

2009- UK

2009- UK. Bristol museum- “Nile flowers & Papyrus”.

2009- UK

2009- UK. Manchester- Whitworth Museum - “Egypt”.

2009- UK

2009- UK. London- The British Museum, London- “Banks of the Nile”

2008- UK

2008- UK. London- Victoria & Albert Museum, Middle East section.

2008- USA

2008- USA- Indianapolis- the Children Museum- collection of 3 tapestries.

2006- UK

2006- UK. London Petrie Museum- “Dahshour Lake”.

1987- UK

1987- UK. Edinburgh- Royal Museum of Scotland.

1980- Germany

1980- Germany Roemer Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim.

1979- Sweden

1979- Sweden- Stockholm - Modern Art Museum.

1978 USA

USA - New York- Brooklyn Museum.

1978 USA

1978 Textile Museum, Washington.

1976- USA

1976- USA- New York- Natural History Museum.

1975- USA

1975- USA, New York The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

1970- USA

1970- USA- Chicago. The Art Institute.

1967- Sweden

1967- Sweden- Lund's town Hall museum.